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Coffman Retirement Group

At Coffman Retirement Group, helping you meet your financial goals is the foundation of our business. We specialize in Medicare, annuities, and life insurance plans that will allow you to secure your retirement and give you the peace of mind you deserve. Our goal is to understand your situation, teach you ways you can improve it, and then create a customized plan to exceed your retirement goals. To us, you are not just a client, you are a member of the CRG family!

the crg process

How we do it in three easy steps.


It all begins with a simple idea and the plan to make it happen. At Coffman Retirement, you’re more than just a client, you’re family. We take this time to get to know your goals and dreams before we talk about any products.


Once we’ve established what it means to live your retirement the way you’ve always dreamed, we begin the plan of action to make that happen. We analyze where you are today, where you have come from financially, and what you will be able to achieve.

Monitor & Adjust

Now that the plan is enacted, we will keep a close watch on your finances for you. With frequent check-ins and adjustments, we will monitor your progress and discuss adjustments that will enhance your plan and keep in on course.

Our financial products & services

You have worked hard for your retirement, let us help you protect it. We take a wide-angle approach to assessing your financial status, considering every aspect. No financial plan is cut and dry – and a complete financial analysis is critical in order to meet your financial goals. As an independent financial firm, we use a variety of insurance products to suit your retirement needs and objectives. We provide help in the areas below & more.

Upcoming Events

At Coffman Retirement Group, we conduct informational seminars for our community. These events cover a variety of financial topics focused on educating and coaching you to make the right financial decisions for your future.


Retirement Transition Planning

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Working hard so you don't have to.